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    Add restricted eta results to EnergySumRoI (xAODTrigger-00-00-50) · c1cb53b4
    Alan Watson authored
            * EnergySumRoI: schema evolution to _v2. Adds restricted eta
    	  results to RoI.
    	* Tag as xAODTrigger-00-00-50
    2015-12-01 Alan Watson <Alan.Watson@CERN.CH>
            * Root/EnergySumRoI_v1.cxx: fix bug in overflow reporting
    	* Tag as xAODTrigger-00-00-49
    2015-11-25 Will Buttinger <will@cern.ch>
    	* Root/xAODTriggerCLIDs.cxx: Added JetEtROI missing classes
    	* Tagging xAODTrigger-00-00-48
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