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    Change to JetUncertainties treatment of negative mass · ed1e4bbf
    Steven Schramm authored
    JetCalibTools and JetUncertainties currently have different methods of
    treating the combined mass of jets where both of the input masses are
    negative.  This is an extreme case, but it should be properly handled in
    order to differentiate between input problems vs different conventions.
    This MR changes JetUncertainties to now accept events where the two
    input mass definitions (calo and TA) are both negative, and the combined
    mass value is 0.  In contrast, if the calo and TA masses are both
    negative while the combined mass value is non-zero, then this is a
    different problem that is unrelated to JetCalibTools and most likely
    signifies a problem in the user input file.