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    updates for tau reconstruction (MVAUtils-00-00-07) · ed6247d4
    Jovan Mitrevski authored
    	* Incorporating changes from Justin Griffith (griffith@cern.ch) for tau
    	* Tag as MVAUtils-00-00-07
    2016-09-03 Jovan Mitrevski <Jovan.Mitrevski@cern.ch>
    	* Add support for classifications (in addition to regressions):
    	* Add a isRegression flag to BDT constructor with TMVA BDT
    	*   (default true for unchanged behavior); make newTree private
    	* Tag as MVAUtils-00-00-06
    2016-09-02 Jovan Mitrevski <Jovan.Mitrevski@cern.ch>
    	* Root/BDT.cxx: fix reading in TMVA::MethodBDT input
    	* Tag as MVAUtils-00-00-05
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