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    coverity fix in CaloClusterChangeSignalState (xAODCaloEvent-00-01-08) · 7abd2dc9
    Walter Lampl authored
    	* coverity fix in CaloClusterChangeSignalState
    	* tag xAODCaloEvent-00-01-08
    2014-12-17  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
    	* Tagging xAODCaloEvent-00-01-07.
    	* xAODCaloEvent/xAODCaloEventDict.h: Fix dictionary generation in
    	standalone build.
    2014-12-15 Walter Lampl <walter.lampl@ cern.ch>
    	* avoid potential leak of attached CaloClusterCellLink object
    	* tag xAODCaloEvent-00-01-06
    2014-12-12  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
    	* Tagging xAODCaloEvent-00-01-05.
    	* Moving CaloVertexedTopoCluster here from CaloUtils.
    2014-12-02 Sven Menke <menke@mppmu.mpg.de>
    	* New ClusterMoments ENG_BAD_HV_CELLS and N_BAD_HV_CELLS for energy
    (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)