Commit 05ab76aa authored by Daniel Hayden's avatar Daniel Hayden Committed by Graeme Stewart
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ATLASOTF-00-03-03 (Rel19) (Powheg-00-03-03)

28-04-15 Daniel Hayden <>
	* Updated Updated all to Powheg V1/V2 base r3052. Updated DM processes to r3049. Updated ttH to r3049.
	* Tagged Powheg-00-03-02

06-05-15 Daniel Hayden <>
	* Updated Same as Powheg-00-03-02, but for Rel17. Additional diboson strings.
	* Tagged Powheg-00-02-05

19-05-15 Daniel Hayden <>
	* Updated Fixed some diboson processes with incorrect (zero cross-section) decays.
	* Tagged Powheg-00-02-06

19-05-15 Daniel Hayden <>
	* Updated Same as Powheg-00-02-06, but for Rel19.
	* Tagged Powheg-00-03-03
parent 4f36a37e
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ macro Powheg_home "${SITEROOT}/atlas/offline/external/powhegbox" \
EXTSITE "${SITEROOT}/powhegbox" \
macro Powheg_native_version "ATLASOTF-00-03-01"
macro Powheg_native_version "ATLASOTF-00-03-03"
macro Powheg_dir "${Powheg_home}/${Powheg_native_version}"
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