Commit 090f45fa authored by Adam Edward Barton's avatar Adam Edward Barton
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Merge branch 'attrList.TrkRIO_OnTrackCreator-20200222' into 'master'

TrkRIO_OnTrackCreator: Avoid copying AttributeList.

See merge request !30555
parents 5ff25af4 861a2b72
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ StatusCode RIO_OnTrackErrorScalingCondAlg::execute() {
try {
// now populate output conditions data objects from attribut lists.
for (const std::pair<unsigned int, coral::AttributeList>& channel : **readHandle ) {
for (const std::pair<const unsigned int, coral::AttributeList>& channel : **readHandle ) {
const coral::AttributeList &alist = channel.second;
unsigned int att_i=0;
const std::string& attr_name=alist[att_i++].data<std::string>();
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