Commit 0f3de4fc authored by Sarka Todorova's avatar Sarka Todorova Committed by Graeme Stewart
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set default HEC material scaling factor (LArTrackingGeometry-01-00-22)

	* set default scaling factor for HEC material to 1.1
        * tag LArTrackingGeometry-01-00-22

2016-09-16 Sharka Todorova <>
	* add configurable scaling factor for HEC material
        * tag LArTrackingGeometry-01-00-21

2016-08-10  scott snyder  <>

        * Tagging LArTrackingGeometry-01-00-20.
	* endreq -> endmsg.

2015-03-31 Sharka Todorova <>
	* pass MBTS info to CaloTG
        * tag LArTrackingGeometry-01-00-19
parent b2bfb18a
......@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ namespace LAr {
void printInfo(GeoPVConstLink pv, int gen=-1) const;
void printChildren(GeoPVConstLink pv, int gen, int igen, Amg::Transform3D tr) const;
GeoPVConstLink getChild(GeoPVConstLink mother, std::string name, Amg::Transform3D& trIn) const;
void throwIntoGarbage(const Trk::Material* mat) const;
......@@ -113,9 +114,16 @@ namespace LAr {
bool m_useCaloSurfBuilder; //!< if true use DetDescr based layering, if false use biequidistant layering
unsigned int m_lArLayersPerRegion; //!< if m_useCaloSurfBuilder == true, number of layers per dead material region or sampling
bool m_useCaloTrackingGeometryBounds;//!< if true use DetDescr based layering, if false use biequidistant layering
mutable float m_mbtsZ; // MBTS layer position
mutable float m_mbts_rmin; // MBTS layer dimensions
mutable float m_mbts_rmax; // MBTS layer dimensions
ToolHandle<ICaloSurfaceBuilder> m_calosurf; //!< tool required for DetDescr-based layering
mutable std::map<const Trk::Material*, bool> m_materialGarbage;
// material scaling ( temporary ? )
float m_scale_HECmaterial;
} // end of namespace
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