Commit 111a52a5 authored by Adam Edward Barton's avatar Adam Edward Barton
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Merge branch 'atr-23854' into 'master'

TrigL2MuonSA: avoid division by zero

See merge request !45339
parents 3ad7f088 edce1f16
......@@ -853,7 +853,7 @@ void TrigL2MuonSA::MuFastStationFitter::stationSPFit(TrigL2MuonSA::MdtHits* m
for (int cand=0; cand<6; cand++) {
if (pbFitResult.SlopeCand[cand]!=0.) {
if (std::abs(pbFitResult.SlopeCand[cand]) > ZERO_LIMIT) {
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