Commit 12e4c898 authored by jmaurer's avatar jmaurer

multiple calls to applySystematicVariation() are now allowed as well for the LhoodMM_tools class

parent 5f29bf92
......@@ -40,7 +40,9 @@ LhoodMM_tools* LhoodMM_tools::m_current_lhoodMM_tool;
LhoodMM_tools::LhoodMM_tools(const std::string& name) :
m_unlimitedSystematicVariations = true;
//setup fixHistogramNormalization property
declareProperty("FixHistogramNormalization", m_fixNormalization, "Boolean to determine whether or not histograms are scaled such that their normalization is equal to the fake yield computed for the entire sample (true = yes, do the scaleing)");
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