Commit 14990691 authored by Robert Langenberg's avatar Robert Langenberg
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fix typos & copy-paste errors

parent 424a77db
......@@ -455,7 +455,7 @@ def PixelDetectorElementCondAlgCfg(flags, name="PixelDetectorElementCondAlg", **
MuonMgrKey = "MuonDetectorManager"
if flags.Detector.GeometryTRT:
TRT_DetEltKey = "TRT_DetElementContainer"
if flags.Detector.GeometryPixel:
if flags.Detector.GeometrySCT:
SCTAlignStoreKey = "SCTAlignmentStore"
kwargs.setdefault("MuonManagerKey", MuonMgrKey)
kwargs.setdefault("TRT_DetEltContKey", TRT_DetEltKey)
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