Commit 15b58b6e authored by Sara Alderweireldt's avatar Sara Alderweireldt Committed by William Panduro Vazquez
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Merge branch '21.1_fix_COOL_pskwrite' into '21.1'

Remove PSK value selection when accessing COOL information (ATR-16421)

See merge request !2519

Former-commit-id: 9dcacbb3
parent 09b689b8
......@@ -127,7 +127,6 @@ class TriggerCoolUtil:
if runNr>1000000: continue
payload = obj.payload()
hltpsk = payload['HltPrescaleKey']
if hltpsk>10000: continue
firstLB = obj.since() & lbmask
lastLB = (obj.until() & lbmask) -1
configKeys.setdefault(runNr,{}).setdefault( "HLTPSK2", [] ).append((hltpsk,firstLB,lastLB))
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