Commit 197d598a authored by Frank Winklmeier's avatar Frank Winklmeier
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TrigServices: Use CoreDumpSvc.StackTrace

Use CoreDumpSvc's internal stack trace generation instead of relying on
the ROOT signal handler. The latter does not seem to work reliably
after forking in the HLTMPPU (ATR-20918).
parent b7737780
......@@ -181,9 +181,10 @@ def setupCommonServicesEnd():'Configure core services for online running')
svcMgr.CoreDumpSvc.CoreDumpStream = "stdout"
svcMgr.CoreDumpSvc.CallOldHandler = True
svcMgr.CoreDumpSvc.CallOldHandler = False
svcMgr.CoreDumpSvc.StackTrace = True
svcMgr.CoreDumpSvc.FatalHandler = 0 # no extra fatal handler
svcMgr.CoreDumpSvc.TimeOut = 60000000000 # no timeout for stack trace generation -> changed to 60s (ATR17112)
svcMgr.CoreDumpSvc.TimeOut = 60000000000 # timeout for stack trace generation changed to 60s (ATR-17112)
# Disable StatusCodeSvc (causes problems with shutting down children at stop in HLTPU)
svcMgr.StatusCodeSvc.SuppressCheck = True
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