Commit 1e05d0a9 authored by Nils Erik Krumnack's avatar Nils Erik Krumnack Committed by Atlas Nightlybuild
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Merge branch 'anatool_fix' into '21.2'

Configure AnaToolHandles from athena joboptions

See merge request atlas/athena!27452

(cherry picked from commit c6646656)

c49efd63 Allow AnaTool handles to be set in the JO
e36ffe20 Try to understand the failure if the AnaToolHandle is created with a name
12c502b8 Swapped empty and isUserConfigured check
0a029958 Merge branch '21.2' of ssh:// into anatool_fix
6e16d41a Remove comments.. Realized that m_OriginalProperty is actually not needed
f9ad78d5 Remove the variable itself
33ebf252 Revert "Remove the variable itself"
7ab38b67 Revert "Remove comments.. Realized that m_OriginalProperty is actually not needed"
a32b03b1 Fix CI Test
6ac0bb4a Finally everything works...
993209e6 Merge branch '21.2' of ssh:// into anatool_fix
parent 73534b97
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......@@ -526,7 +526,7 @@ namespace asg
ANA_MSG_ERROR ("trying to initialize ToolHandleArray property " << val_name << " with empty handle");
return StatusCode::FAILURE;
//strip the parent name
std::string tool_name =;
tools.push_back (toolHandle.type() + "/" + tool_name);
......@@ -1130,6 +1130,9 @@ namespace asg
return detail::AnaToolHandleMode::USER;
if (m_config.empty() && !m_handleUser->typeAndName().empty() && (m_handleUser->type() != this->type() || m_handleUser->name() != this->name()))
return detail::AnaToolHandleMode::USER;
if (m_config.empty() && m_name.empty())
return detail::AnaToolHandleMode::EMPTY;
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