Commit 27c71e3c authored by Werner Wiedenmann's avatar Werner Wiedenmann Committed by Graeme Stewart
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add new tool to dump Data Scouting ROBs (TrigByteStreamTools-00-02-32)

	* bin/ add new tool to dump Data Scouting ROBs
	* TrigByteStreamTools-00-02-32
parent 188cdda4
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (C) 2002-2017 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
import os
import subprocess
import EventApps
import eformat
import argparse
import operator
from PyUtils.Decorators import memoize
__doc__ = """\
Dump content of the HLT result and HLT related details from the event header.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description = __doc__)
parser.add_argument("files", metavar="FILE", nargs='+',
help="RAW file to inspect")
parser.add_argument("-n", "--events", metavar="N", action="store", type=int,
help="Process N events")
parser.add_argument("-s", "--skip", metavar="N", action="store", type=int,
help="Skip N events")
parser.add_argument("--interactive", action="store_true", default=False,
help="after opening the file enter interactive prompt")
parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbosity",type=int, choices=[0, 1, 2], default=2,
help="change output verbosity (default 2)")
args = parser.parse_args()
from TrigByteStreamTools.hltResult import *
res = hltResult()
def ds_dump(bsfile):
"""Runs the dumping routines"""
# open a file
if (args.verbosity > 0):
print "="*100
print "Opening", bsfile
input = eformat.istream(bsfile)
if args.interactive:
import code
event_count = 0
ds_ROB_counts = {}
offset = args.skip if args.skip else 0
for event in input:
if offset>0:
offset -= 1
event_count += 1
if!=None and event_count>
event_count -=1
# Extract the DS module IDs and set the flag for finding the corresponding ROB
for stag in event.stream_tag():
if (stag.type == 'calibration') and (('DataScouting_')):
ds_module_ids[int(('_')[1])] = (False,
if not ds_ROB_counts.has_key(
ds_ROB_counts[] = {'ROBfound':0, 'ROBnotFound':0, 'noContainers':0, 'emptyContainers':0}
# loop over the SubDetFragments and find DS ROBs
for f in event.children():
if (f.source_id().subdetector_id() == eformat.helper.SubDetector.TDAQ_HLT) and (ds_module_ids.has_key(f.source_id().module_id())):
if (args.verbosity >= 1):
print "======================= RunNumber : %d , Event: %d, LB: %d, LVL1_ID: %d, Global_ID: %d bunch-x: %d TT: x%x ==========================" \
% ( event.run_no(), event_count, event.lumi_block(), event.lvl1_id(), event.global_id(), event.bc_id(), event.lvl1_trigger_type())
# Print the stream tags
if (args.verbosity >= 1):
print ".. Stream Tags:", [(, s.type) for s in event.stream_tag()]
if (args.verbosity >= 1):
print '.. %s %s %s bytes' % (f.__class__.__name__, f.source_id(), f.fragment_size_word()*4)
ds_module_ids[f.source_id().module_id()] = (True, ds_module_ids[f.source_id().module_id()][1]) # The expected ROB was found
if (args.verbosity >= 2):
for feature in res.nav_payload:
key = feature[0]+'#'+feature[1]
if not featureSizes.has_key(key):
featureSizes[key] = 0
featureSizes[key] += feature[2]
except Exception, ex:
print '... **** problems in analyzing payload', ex
print '... **** raw data[:10]', list(f.rod_data())[:10]
# check that feature containers are there and that they are not empty
if (featureSizes == {}):
if (args.verbosity >= 1):
print " FATAL : No containers are available for Data Scouting HLTResult with module ID = ",f.source_id().module_id(),", Stream name = ",ds_module_ids[f.source_id().module_id()][1]
ds_ROB_counts[ ds_module_ids[f.source_id().module_id()][1] ]['noContainers'] += 1
for item in featureSizes.iteritems():
if (item[1] == 0):
if (args.verbosity >= 1):
print " ERROR : Empty container for feature = ",item[0]
ds_ROB_counts[ ds_module_ids[f.source_id().module_id()][1] ]['emptyContainers'] += 1
if (args.verbosity >= 2):
print ".. EOF DS HLTResult with module ID = ", f.source_id().module_id()
# check if all expected DS ROBs from the StreamTags were found
for item in ds_module_ids.iteritems():
if (item[1][0] == False):
if (args.verbosity >= 1):
print " FATAL : No Data Scouting HLTResult found for expected module ID = ",item[0],", Stream name = ",item[1][1]
ds_ROB_counts[ item[1][1] ]['ROBnotFound'] += 1
ds_ROB_counts[ item[1][1] ]['ROBfound'] += 1
if (args.verbosity >= 0):
print "\n Events read: ", event_count
print "\n Summary of Data Scouting information:\n"," -------------------------------------\n", ds_ROB_counts
if __name__ == "__main__":
for f in args.files:
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