Commit 309d8dba authored by Shaun Roe's avatar Shaun Roe Committed by Graeme Stewart
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remove version numbers in requirements to remove checkreq warnings (BCM_BackgroundAlgs-00-00-04)

	* The Changelog was empty
	* remove checkreq warnings
	* tag as BCM_BackgroundAlgs-00-00-04
parent fd2f95d7
......@@ -2,14 +2,14 @@ package BCM_BackgroundAlgs
author Hendrik Jansen <>
use AtlasPolicy AtlasPolicy-01-*
use StoreGate StoreGate-02-* Control
use GaudiInterface GaudiInterface-01-* External
use AtlasPolicy AtlasPolicy-*
use StoreGate StoreGate-* Control
use GaudiInterface GaudiInterface-* External
use BCM_CollisionTime BCM_CollisionTime-* InnerDetector/InDetRecEvent
use InDetBCM_RawData InDetBCM_RawData-* InnerDetector/InDetRawEvent
use Identifier Identifier-00-* DetectorDescription
use Identifier Identifier-* DetectorDescription
library BCM_BackgroundAlgs *.cxx -s=components *.cxx
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