Commit 319da1c6 authored by Frank Winklmeier's avatar Frank Winklmeier
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Merge branch 'master-postprocessing-rundir' into 'master'

Fix DQ postprocessing on offline files

See merge request !44511
parents 2b24b5e7 851ec3e4
......@@ -112,6 +112,17 @@ def _ProtectPostProcessing( funcinfo, outFileName, isIncremental ):
return success
def rundir(fname):
import ROOT
f = ROOT.TFile.Open(fname)
lk = f.GetListOfKeys()
if len(lk) != 1:
return None
kn = lk[0].GetName()
if not kn.startswith('run_'):
return None
return kn
def DQPostProcess( outFileName, isIncremental=False ):
## Import the ROOT library for reading han results
from ROOT import gSystem
......@@ -149,8 +160,10 @@ def DQPostProcess( outFileName, isIncremental=False ):
print("Unable to resolve DataQualityUtils data path, not running new-style postprocessing")
import subprocess, glob, os.path
cmdline = (['histgrinder', fname, fname, '-c']
+ glob.glob(os.path.join(dpath,'postprocessing/*.yaml'))
inputs = glob.glob(os.path.join(dpath,'postprocessing/*.yaml'))
print(f'Input configurations: {" ".join(inputs)}')
cmdline = (['histgrinder', '--prefix', f'/{rundir(fname)}/', fname, fname, '-c']
+ inputs
), check=True)
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