Commit 32084319 authored by Chris Hays's avatar Chris Hays
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Merge branch '21.6_MGC_SUSY_MultipleLHE' into '21.6'

MadGraphControl SUSY: Allowing multiple input LHE files

See merge request atlas/athena!35524
parents e8c07022 ef82e982
......@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ else:
param_card_old = process_dir+'/Cards/param_card.dat'
ktdurham = -1
import tarfile
if tarfile.is_tarfile(runArgs.inputGeneratorFile):
myTarball =
myEvents = None
for afile in myTarball.getnames():
......@@ -82,6 +83,14 @@ else:
ktdurham = float(aline.split('=')[0].strip())
# Assume this is already an unzipped file -- happens when we run on multiple LHEs
with open(runArgs.inputGeneratorFile,'r') as events_file:
for aline in events_file:
if 'ktdurham' in aline and "=" in aline:
ktdurham = float(aline.split('=')[0].strip())
if madspin_card is not None:
# Do a stupid addition of madspin - requires a dummy process
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