Commit 4569d3a2 authored by Antonio Limosani's avatar Antonio Limosani Committed by Graeme Stewart
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Add mp8 for raw to all (RecPerfTests-00-08-59)

	* Add mp8 for raw to all
	* RecPerfTests-00-08-59

2016-08-08 Antonio Limosani <antonio.limosani AT>
	* Add specific conditions tag for dataset
	* RecPerfTests-00-08-58

2016-07-27 Antonio Limosani <antonio.limosani AT>
	* Remove specification of conditions tag
	* RecPerfTests-00-08-57

2016-07-26 Antonio Limosani <antonio.limosani AT>
	* Fix Calo Only reco jobs
	* RecPerfTests-00-08-56

2016-07-20 Antonio Limosani <antonio.limosani AT>
	* Save Memory files
	* Add MP to data job
	* Add Calo Only reco jobs
	* RecPerfTests-00-08-55
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parent 0aaef553
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