Commit 45fd1c43 authored by John Chapman's avatar John Chapman
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Update log file diff in

Prior to this change log file diffs in unit tests compared the reference file to the current
output, rather than the other way around, so that lines in the log removed due to local
changes are marked with a `+` in the diff output and lines added to the log are marked with
a `-`.

This commit switches the order of comparison with the aim of making the output more intuitive.
See discussion in ATEAM-644.
parent 3234acac
......@@ -200,10 +200,10 @@ else
refdiff=`basename ${reflog}`-todiff
egrep -a -v "$PP" < $jobrep > $jobdiff
egrep -a -v "$PP" < $refrep > $refdiff
diff -a -b -E -B -u $jobdiff $refdiff
diff -a -b -E -B -u $refdiff $jobdiff
if [ $diffStatus != 0 ] ; then
echo "$RED> ERROR: $joblog and $reflog differ $RESET"
echo "$RED> ERROR: $reflog and $joblog differ $RESET"
# Return with failure in this case:
exit 1
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