Commit 469edef5 authored by Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska
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Merge branch '21.6_TestHepMC_NoInvalidParticles' into '21.6'

TestHepMC: Tidying and adding a check for valid PDG IDs

See merge request !26999
parents 344ef7a2 3b058069
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ public:
bool m_doHist;
bool m_beamEnergyTest, m_vtxNaNTest, m_vtxDisplacedTest, m_momNaNTest, m_lifeTimeTest, m_energyG4Test;
bool m_energyImbalanceTest, m_momImbalanceTest, m_negativeEnergyTest, m_tachyonsTest, m_unstableNoVtxTest;
bool m_pi0NoVtxTest, m_undisplacedDaughtersTest;
bool m_pi0NoVtxTest, m_undisplacedDaughtersTest, m_unknownPDGIDTest;
std::vector<int> m_vertexStatuses;
......@@ -84,13 +84,14 @@ public:
int m_Status1ShortLifetime;
int m_undisplacedDecayDaughtersOfDisplacedVtxCheckRate;
int m_nonG4_energyCheckRate;
int m_unknownPDGIDCheckRate;
std::string m_paramFile;
std::ifstream G4file;
std::ifstream susyFile;
std::string m_unknownPDGIDFile;
vector<int> m_G4pdgID_tab;
vector<int> m_SusyPdgID_tab;
vector<int> m_uknownPDGID_tab;
TruthHelper::IsGenNonInteracting nonint;
/// @todo Can we use the GenAnalysis / AthHistoAlg methods for histo management?
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