Commit 4a745c40 authored by Oliver Majersky's avatar Oliver Majersky
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Add missing allowed options for TopPartonHistory topologies.

parent 651597d2
......@@ -464,7 +464,7 @@ namespace top {
"Subtract electrons close to jets for boosted analysis : True or False(top default)", "False");
registerParameter("TopPartonHistory", "Topology to be assumed when reconstructing parton-level history.", "False",
{"ttbar", "tb", "Wtb", "ttz", "ttgamma", "tHq", "False"});
{"ttbar", "ttbarlight", "tb", "Wtb", "tchannel", "ttz", "ttgamma", "tHq", "tZq", "False"});
registerParameter("TopPartonLevel", "Perform parton level analysis (stored in truth tree)? True or False", "True");
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