Commit 4eda09ee authored by Joerg Stelzer's avatar Joerg Stelzer
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Ensure the prescale set file is produced only after the menu

parent 483420e2
......@@ -184,13 +184,9 @@ def setupHLTPrescaleCondAlg( flags = None ):
hltPrescaleCondAlg.HLTPsk = tc["hltpsk"]
elif tc["source"] == "FILE":
hltPrescaleCondAlg.Filename = getHLTPrescalesSetFileName( flags )
createHLTPrescalesFileFromMenu( flags )
raise RuntimeError("trigger configuration flag 'trigConfig' starts with %s, which is not understood" % tc["source"])
hltPrescaleCondAlg.Source = "COOL"
hltPrescaleCondAlg.TriggerDB = "TRIGGERDBDEV2"
if flags is None: # old style config
from AthenaCommon.AlgSequence import AthSequencer
condSequence = AthSequencer("AthCondSeq")
......@@ -337,3 +337,7 @@ dumpSequence(topSequence)
HLTTop = findSubSequence(topSequence, "HLTTop")
from TriggerMenuMT.HLTMenuConfig.Menu.HLTMenuJSON import generateJSON
# the generation of the prescale set file from the menu is temporary
from TrigConfigSvc.TrigConfigSvcCfg import createHLTPrescalesFileFromMenu
createHLTPrescalesFileFromMenu( ConfigFlags )
......@@ -453,6 +453,15 @@ from TrigConfigSvc.TrigConfigSvcCfg import getHLTConfigSvc, setupHLTPrescaleCond
svcMgr += getHLTConfigSvc()
if not opt.createHLTMenuExternally:
# the generation of the prescale set file from the menu (with all prescales set to 1)
# is not really needed. If no file is provided all chains are either enabled or disabled,
# depending on the property L1Decoder.PrescalingTool.KeepUnknownChains being True or False
from TrigConfigSvc.TrigConfigSvcCfg import createHLTPrescalesFileFromMenu
# ---------------------------------------------------------------
# ID conditions
# ---------------------------------------------------------------
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