Commit 514b7bf1 authored by William Panduro Vazquez's avatar William Panduro Vazquez
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TrigConfReadWrite application to return FATAL if metadata write fails (ATR-16103)

When TrigConfReadWrite is unable to complete populating in-file metadata it
typically aborts in such a way that any reco job in which it is running does
not register the failure. This can then cause confusing crashes in later jobs,
as demonstrated in ATR-16121. This change will cause the tool to issue a 'FATAL'
to the log of the original job, meaning processing will stop at the point of
the original error.

Former-commit-id: 0c0c4e36
parent 2b3140d2
......@@ -678,10 +678,14 @@ int main( int argc, char* argv[] ) {
coolWriter->writeL1Payload(runNr, *ctpc);
coolWriter->writeHLTPayload(runNr, *hltFrame, configSource);
coolWriter->writeHLTPayload(runNr, *hltFrame, configSource);
catch(cool::StorageTypeStringTooLong e){
log << "FATAL: Unable to write data to COOL";
coolWriter->writeMCKPayload(runNr, mck, release, info);
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