Commit 5411a895 authored by Arantxa Ruiz Martinez's avatar Arantxa Ruiz Martinez
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e9_lhvloose_nod0 added to Physics_pp_v7 (ATR-17148)

Former-commit-id: fe391611
parent 736411e7
......@@ -1712,6 +1712,11 @@ def setupMenu():
['e26_lhmedium_nod0_L1EM20VH', 'L1_EM20VH', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
['e28_lhmedium_nod0_L1EM20VH', 'L1_EM20VH', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
# ATR-17148
['e9_lhvloose_nod0', 'L1_EM3', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
['e9_lhvloose_nod0_L1EM7', 'L1_EM7', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
['e9_lhvloose_nod0_L1EM8VH', 'L1_EM8VH', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
['e24_lhtight_nod0_ivarloose', 'L1_EM20VHI', [], [PhysicsStream, 'express'], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
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