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Trk::TrackSummary move implementation to separate .icc, add non-const overlaods

parent a07d4724
......@@ -254,13 +254,20 @@ public:
@return true if sub-detector 'type' is hit*/
bool isHit(const DetectorType& type) const ;
/** returns a pointer to the InDetTrackSummary if available */
/** returns a const pointer to the InDetTrackSummary if available */
const InDetTrackSummary* indetTrackSummary() const;
/** returns a pointer to a modifiable (non-const) InDetTrackSummary if available */
InDetTrackSummary* indetTrackSummary() ;
/** returns a pointer to the MuonTrackSummary if available */
const MuonTrackSummary* muonTrackSummary() const;
/**return number of parameters currently created*/
/** returns pointer to a modifiable (non-const) MuonTrackSummary if available */
MuonTrackSummary* muonTrackSummary();
/**return number of parameters currently created*/
static unsigned int numberOfInstantiations() ;
/** adds the values of the passed TrackSummary to this TrackSummary. Mainly intended for
......@@ -303,73 +310,19 @@ private: // data members
static std::atomic<unsigned int> s_numberOfInstantiations;
/** pointer to the InDetTrackSummary */
const InDetTrackSummary* m_indetTrackSummary;
InDetTrackSummary* m_indetTrackSummary;
/** pointer to the MuonTrackSummary */
const MuonTrackSummary* m_muonTrackSummary;
MuonTrackSummary* m_muonTrackSummary;
inline int Trk::TrackSummary::get(const Trk::SummaryType& type) const
inline float Trk::TrackSummary::getPID(const Trk::eProbabilityType& PIDtype) const
return (PIDtype < m_eProbability.size() ? m_eProbability[PIDtype] : 0.);
inline bool Trk::TrackSummary::update(Trk::SummaryType type, int new_value)
if ( != SummaryTypeNotSet) {
return false;
return true;
inline float Trk::TrackSummary::getPixeldEdx() const
return m_dedx;
inline int Trk::TrackSummary::numberOfUsedHitsdEdx() const
return m_nhitsdedx;
inline int Trk::TrackSummary::numberOfOverflowHitsdEdx() const
return m_nhitsoverflowdedx;
inline bool Trk::TrackSummary::isHit(const Trk::DetectorType& type) const
// no range checking because people should be using enums
return (m_idHitPattern&(1<<static_cast<unsigned int>(type)));
inline const Trk::InDetTrackSummary* Trk::TrackSummary::indetTrackSummary() const {
return m_indetTrackSummary;
inline const Trk::MuonTrackSummary* Trk::TrackSummary::muonTrackSummary() const {
return m_muonTrackSummary;
/**output. This dumps the values of each of the possible summary enums*/
MsgStream& operator<<(MsgStream& out, const TrackSummary& trackSum);
/**output. This dumps the values of each of the possible summary enums*/
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& out, const TrackSummary& trackSum);
inline unsigned long Trk::TrackSummary::getHitPattern() const
return m_idHitPattern;
#include "TrkTrackSummary/TrackSummary.icc"
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