Commit 59886acc authored by Antonio Limosani's avatar Antonio Limosani Committed by Graeme Stewart
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Fix ATEAM-147 (AtlasFastJet-00-00-30)

	* Include definition of AtlasFastJet_home to fix ATEAM-149
	* tagging AtlasFastJet-00-00-30

2015-05-08  Antonio Limosani  <>

	* Remove override as the needed version is now in LCG_74root6
	* tagging AtlasFastJet-00-00-29
parent cedfca54
......@@ -6,13 +6,10 @@ use AtlasExternalArea AtlasExternalArea-00-* External
use AtlasFortranPolicy AtlasFortranPolicy-*
use fastjet * LCG_Interfaces
macro fastjet_native_version 3.1.1
macro AtlasFastJet_home ${SITEROOT}/sw/lcg/releases/LCG_72a/fastjet/$(fastjet_native_version)/$(LCG_system)
macro AtlasFastJet_native_version $(fastjet_native_version)
macro AtlasFastJet_system "$(LCG_ext_system)" \
gcc48&dbg "$(LCG_basesystem)-opt"
macro AtlasFastJet_native_version "$(fastjet_native_version)"
macro AtlasFastJet_home "$(fastjet_home)"
macro AtlasFastJet_dir "$(AtlasFastJet_home)"
macro AtlasFastJet_lib "$(AtlasFastJet_dir)/lib"
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