Commit 5b80170a authored by Pablo Martinez Agullo's avatar Pablo Martinez Agullo
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Remove the if (stream == PHYS)

parent 2b2f6ae9
......@@ -213,12 +213,7 @@ namespace top {
hasW = true;
// demanding the last W after FSR
topChildren = PartonHistoryUtils::findAfterFSR(topChildren);
//for DAOD_PHYS we have to use a special procedure to associate W bosons linked from the top to those in the TruthBosonsWithDecayParticles collection, which have the correct links for their decay products
//this is better explained in the head; this will work only if the class calling this function has called linkBosonCollections() before
if(m_config->getDerivationStream() == "PHYS") topChildren=getTruthParticleLinkedFromDecoration(topChildren,"AT_linkToTruthBosonsWithDecayParticles");
topChildren = PartonHistoryUtils::findAfterFSR(topChildren);
for (size_t q = 0; q < topChildren->nChildren(); ++q) {
const xAOD::TruthParticle* WChildren = topChildren->child(q);
if (std::abs(WChildren->pdgId()) < 17 && store_tau_info == true){
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