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modified ds config and chains in LS1 (ATR-8190) (TriggerMenu-00-03-63)

parent aecd0280
Information on how to run/test changes of TriggerMenu can be found here:
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package TriggerMenu
author Moritz Backes <> Catrin Bernius <>
use AtlasPolicy AtlasPolicy-*
apply_pattern declare_joboptions files="*.py"
pattern declare_python_submodule \
apply_pattern generic_declare_for_link kind=python_modules files='-s=../python/<submodule>/<subsubmodule> <files>' prefix=python/<package>/<submodule>/<subsubmodule> name=<submodule><subsubmodule> ; \
private ; \
macro_append <package>_python_init_dependencies " install_<submodule><subsubmodule>python_modules " ; \
apply_pattern declare_python_modules files="*.py"
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=menu
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=l1
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=l1menu
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=l1topo
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=l1topomenu
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=egamma
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=muon
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=jet
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=bjet
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=met
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=tau
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=minbias
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=bphysics
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=calibcosmicmon
apply_pattern declare_python_submodule files="*.py" submodule=combined
#apply_pattern declare_python_modules files="*.py ../scripts/"
apply_pattern declare_xmls
apply_pattern declare_scripts files="-s=../scripts generate*"
## at the moment these scripts conflict with those in the old TMP and are not useful anyway with the new TM (JS)
#apply_pattern declare_scripts \
# files="-s=../scripts \
# \
# \
# \
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!DOCTYPE exceptions [
<!ELEMENT exceptions (test)*>
<!ELEMENT test (ex)*>
<!ATTLIST test name (ThrSeqMismatch|PhysChainsCounterRange|SeedingEF) #REQUIRED>
<test name="ThrSeqMismatch">
<ex name="L2_tau27Ti_loose2_tau18Ti_loose2_deta.*->HA15I"/>
<ex name="L2_tau27T_loose2_tau18T_loose2_vbf.*->HA11I"/>
<ex name="L2_j30_c4ccem_L1TAU_LOF_HV_.*->HA40"/>
<ex name="L2_b30_.*_j30.*_vbf_2L1FJ15->J15"/>
<ex name="L2_j30_c4ccem_2L1MU.*->J15"/>
<ex name="L2_e24vh_loose0_.*_a4TTem->J15"/>
<ex name="L2_mu.*_tight_e.*_medium.*->EM3"/>
<ex name="L2_mu.*_tight_g.*->EM3"/>
<ex name="L2_e24vh_medium1_e7.*->EM3"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu10_MSonly_g10_loose_.*->EM6"/>
<ex name="L2_2g15vh_medium_g10_medium->EM6"/>
<ex name="L2_j25_c4ccem_Trackless_HV_.*->MU10"/>
<ex name="L2_3mu6_MSonly_EMPTY->MU6"/>
<ex name="L2_e24vhi_loose1_mu8->MU6"/>
<ex name="L2_mu8_4j15_a4TTem->MU6"/>
<ex name="L2_mu4T_j60_c4cchad->J20"/>
<ex name="L2_j10000_.*_L1RD0->J10"/>
<ex name="L2_g40_loose_g.*_loose->EM30"/>
<ex name="L2_.*_noMu.*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_.*_xe.*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_.*_EFxe.*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_xs.*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_xe.*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_.*_L2xe.*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_e.*_xs.*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_mu4T_j.*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_te\d*->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_2MUL1_l2j30_HV.*->J15"/>
<ex name="L2_j30_L1TAU_HVtrk.*->J15"/>
<ex name="L2_j30_Trackless_HV.*->MU6"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu10_empty->MU10"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu10_MSonly.*->MU10"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu13_Zmumu_IDTrkNoCut->MU10"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu4T_2e5_medium->EM3"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu4T_DiMu_e5_medium->EM3"/>
<ex name="L2_b10_medium_j70_2j50_4j25->J30|J50"/>
<ex name="L2_e12Tvh_medium1_mu10->MU10"/>
<ex name="L2_e20_tight_e15_NoCut_Zee->EM10VH"/>
<ex name="L2_e25_loose2_xe20_noL2->MU4"/>
<ex name="L2_e22vh_loose_3L1J10"/>
<ex name="L2_e22vh_loose_4L1J10"/>
<ex name="L2_g40_tight_b10_medium->J10"/>
<ex name="L2_j30_Trackless_HV_L1MU10->J15"/>
<ex name="L2_mu4_L1J20_matched->J20"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu4T_2e5_medium"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu4T_DiMu_e5_medium"/>
<ex name="L2_mu4T_g20Tvh_loose_TauMass"/>
<ex name="L2_mu20_tight_g5_loose_TauMass"/>
<ex name="L2_mu4T_g20Tvh_loose"/>
<ex name="L2_mu20_tight_g5_loose"/>
<ex name="L2_mu18_g20h_loose->EM12|MU10"/>
<ex name="L2_mu18_g.*->MU10"/>
<ex name="L2_mu18_2g.*->MU10"/>
<ex name="L2_mu24_g.*->MU10"/>
<ex name="L2_e22vh_medium1_e5_medium"/>
<ex name="L2_2b15_medium_4j40_4L1J15"/>
<ex name="L2_b15_medium_4j40_4L1J15"/>
<ex name="L2_b15_medium_j70_j35_xe35_noMu"/>
<ex name="L2_e24vh_tight1_e15_NoCut_Zee"/>
<test name="SeedingL2">
<ex name="L1_CALREQ."/>
<test name="SeedingEF">
<ex name="L2_.*_IDCalib"/>
<ex name="L2_.*_larcalib"/>
<ex name="L2_vtxbeamspot_.*"/>
<ex name="L2_VdM_.*"/>
<ex name="L2_TRTMon_.*"/>
<ex name="L2_mu.*_l2cal.*"/>
<ex name="L2_.*_Monitoring"/>
<ex name="L2_(Pixel|SCT)Noise"/>
<ex name="L2_PixelBeam"/>
<ex name="L2_ALFA_Calib"/>
<ex name="L2_cost_monitor"/>
<test name="PhysChainsCounterRange" menu="MC_.*">
<ex name=".*"/>
<test name="PhysChainsCounterRange" menu=".*_HI_.*">
<ex name="(L2|EF)_L1ItemStreamer_L1_.*"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_SeededStreamer.*"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mbRd._eff.*"/>
<test name="PhysChainsCounterRange">
<!-- MinBias -->
<ex name="(L2|EF)_InDetMon_FS"/>
<ex name="L2.*_Monitoring"/>
<!-- L1 NoAlg -->
<ex name="(L2|EF)_L1Calo_NoAlg"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_L1Muon_NoAlg"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_L1MinBias_NoAlg"/>
<!-- Other -->
<ex name="(L2|EF)_e11T_medium"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_e6T_medium"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_2mu13_Zmumu_IDTrkNoCut"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_SeededStreamerL1CaloXS"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_L1MU10_firstempty_NoAlg"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mu10_muCombTag_NoEF"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mu13_muCombTag_NoEF"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mu20_muCombTag_NoEF"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_Background"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_TileMon"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_Standby"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_ALFA_Phys"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_ALFA_Phys_Any"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_PreS_L1J10_firstempty"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_PreS_L1J30_firstempty"/>
<ex name="L2_TRTMon_.*"/>
<ex name="L2_j25_l2cleanph"/>
<ex name="L2_j95_l2cleanph"/>
<ex name="L2_fj25_l2cleanph"/>
<ex name="L2_j70_xe35_noMu_l2cleancons"/>
<ex name="L2_j50_xe35_medium_noMu_l2cleancons"/>
<ex name="EF_fj30_a4tc_EFFS_l2cleanph"/>
<ex name="EF_j240_a4tc_EFFS_l2cleanph"/>
<ex name="EF_j75_a4tc_EFFS_xe55_noMu_l2cleancons"/>
<ex name="EF_j30_a4tc_EFFS_l2cleanph"/>
<ex name="EF_j55_a4tc_EFFS_xe55_medium_noMu_dphi2j30xe10_l2cleancons"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mu10_muCombTag_NoEF_(tight|tight1)"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mu15_muCombTag_NoEF_(tight|tight1)"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mu20_muCombTag_NoEF_(tight|tight1)"/>
<ex name="L2_mu6T_2b50_medium_2j50_a4tchad_L1J20_matched"/>
<ex name="EF_mu6T_2b55_medium_2j55_a4tchad_L1J20_matched"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_2mu4T_Bmumux_test"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_2mu6_Bmumux_test"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mu4Tmu6_Bmumux_test"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mu4T_j(110|145|180|220)_a4tchad_(|L2FS_)matched_jetcalibdelayed"/>
<ex name="L2_xe_NoCut_allL1"/>
<ex name="EF_xe_NoCut_tclcw_allL1"/>
<ex name="EF_g(20|40|60)_loose_jetcalibdelayed"/>
<ex name="EF_j(15|25|35|55|80|110)_a4tchad_jetcalibdelayed"/>
<ex name="EF_xe_NoCut_FEB_allL1"/>
<ex name="EF_j(55|360)_a4tchad_testCleaning"/>
<ex name="EF_fj45_a4tchad_L2FS_testCleaning"/>
<ex name="EF_j45_a4tchad_L2FS_L1J15_testCleaning"/>
<ex name="EF_mu4T_j(15|80)_a4tchad_matched_jetcalibdelayed"/>
<ex name="EF_mu4T_j80_a4tchad_L2FS_matched_jetcalibdelayed"/>
<ex name="EF_mu4T_j15_a4tchad_matchedZ_jetcalibdelayed"/>
<ex name="EF_2mu4T_Bmumux_v2"/>
<ex name="EF_2mu6_Bmumux_v2"/>
<ex name="EF_mu4Tmu6_Bmumux_v2"/>
<ex name="EF_2mu4T_DiMu_muFast"/>
<ex name="EF_mu4T_muFast"/>
<ex name="EF_2mu13_muFast"/>
<ex name="EF_mu24i_tight_muFast"/>
<ex name="EF_mu6i"/>
<ex name="L2_j(50|165)_c4cchad_testCleaning"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu4T_Bmumux_v2"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu6_Bmumux_v2"/>
<ex name="L2_mu4Tmu6_Bmumux_v2"/>
<ex name="L2_g(40|60)_loose"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu4T_DiMu_muFast"/>
<ex name="L2_2mu13_muFast"/>
<ex name="L2_mu24_tight_muFast"/>
<ex name="L2_mu4T_muFast"/>
<ex name="L2_j15_a4TTem_j40_c4cchad_testCleaning"/>
<ex name="L2_fj10_a4TTem_fj40_c4cchad_testCleaning"/>
<ex name="L2_mu6T_2b50_medium_2j50_c4cchad_L1J20"/>
<ex name="L2_mu4T_j30_a4TTem"/>
<ex name="L2_j105_c4cchad_xe45"/>
<!-- Streams -->
<ex name="str:EnhancedBias"/>
<ex name="str:CosmicCalo"/>
<ex name="str:CosmicMuons"/>
<ex name="str:IDCosmic"/>
<ex name="str:PixelNoise"/>
<ex name="str:SCTNoise"/>
<ex name="str:LArCells"/>
<ex name="str:LArCellsEmpty"/>
<ex name="str:DISCARD"/>
<ex name="str:type:calibration"/>
<test name="BWGroupPresent" menu=".*_HI_.*">
<ex name="(L2|EF)_L1ItemStreamer_L1_.*"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_SeededStreamer.*"/>
<ex name="(L2|EF)_mbRd._eff.*"/>
Copyright (C) 2002-2017 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
@section TrigerMenuPythonIntro Introduction
This package contains only python code which is used to dynamically
generate XML configuration of trigger which are used by HLT::TrigSteer to schedule HLT selection.
There are 3 types of files here:<br/>
1) flags - which are diffing possible in generation process switches i.e.<br/>
This flags contain set of common switches defined in and set of functions
to operate on them defined in<br/>
2) generation classes - which is python code specialized for generation of HLT chains and sequences definition<br/>
The helper objects for it are defined in TrigConfigSvc in module.
There are 2 types of generation: simple chains i.e. and chains composition i.e.<br/>
3) generic script for generation - which drives all the generation. <br/>
It is used by Trigger Getter modules defined in TriggerJobOpts package.
@htmlinclude used_packages.html
@include requirements
# Copyright (C) 2002-2017 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
from sys import settrace
from l1topo.TopoAlgos import TopoAlgo
from l1topo.L1TopoMenu import L1TopoMenu
from l1topo.L1TopoFlags import L1TopoFlags
from AthenaCommon.Logging import logging
log = logging.getLogger("TriggerConfigL1Topo")
class TriggerConfigL1Topo:
current = None
def __init__(self, outputFile = None , inputFile = None , menuName = None ):
current = self
from TriggerJobOpts.TriggerFlags import TriggerFlags
if menuName:
TriggerFlags.triggerMenuSetup = menuName
self.menuName = TriggerFlags.triggerMenuSetup()
self.inputFile = inputFile
self.outputFile = outputFile
# all registered algos
self.registeredAlgos = {}
# menu = L1TopoMenu(self.menuName)
if self.inputFile != None:
"""Read menu from XML"""
print "Menu input is not implemented!!"
"""Build menu from menu name"""
# defines the menu (algo only for now)
# registers all items ever defined
def registerAlgo(self, algo):
""" Add a L1Topo algo to the set of algos which are registered for further use"""
name =
if name in self.registeredAlgos:
raise RuntimeError('L1Topo algo %s is already registered' % name)
self.registeredAlgos[name] = algo
log.debug("Added %s in the algo list: " % name)
return algo
def getRegisteredAlgo(self, name):
if name in self.registeredAlgos:
return self.registeredAlgos[name]
return None
def findRegisteredSortingAlgoByOutput(self, requiredOutput):
"""returns a list of all sorting algorithms that are needed to
produce the required output. Even one missing will raise a runtime exception"""
sortingAlgs = []
missingOutput = []
for output in requiredOutput:
foundOutput = False
for name, alg in self.registeredAlgos.items():
if output in alg.outputs:
sortingAlgs += [alg]
foundOutput = True
if not foundOutput:
missingOutput += [output]
if missingOutput:
raise RuntimeError("Not for all required sorted lists a sorting algorithm could be found: missing lists are %r" % missingOutput)
return sortingAlgs
def writeXML(self):
""" Writes L1Topo XML file"""
if self.outputFile is None:
log.warning("Can't write xml file since no name was provided")
FH = open( self.outputFile, mode="wt" )
FH.write( )
FH.close()"Wrote %s " % self.outputFile)
def defineMenu(menuName = None ):
Defines the list if algo names that will be in the menu
Calls defineMenu() of the correct module 'Menu_<menuname>.py'
Menu.defineMenu() defines the menu via L1TopoFlags
from TriggerJobOpts.TriggerFlags import TriggerFlags
menumodule = __import__('l1topomenu.Menu_%s' % menuName, globals(), locals(), ['defineMenu'], -1)
menumodule.defineMenu()"%s menu contains %i algos." % ( menuName, len(L1TopoFlags.algos()) ))
def registerMenu(self):
Calls registerTopoAlgos() of the correct module ''
Has to run AFTER defineMenu
algodefmodule = __import__('l1topomenu.TopoAlgoDef', globals(), locals(), ['TopoAlgoDef'], -1)
algodefmodule.TopoAlgoDef.registerTopoAlgos(self)"Registered %i algos." % ( len(self.registeredAlgos) ) )
def generateMenu(self):
Generates the menu structure from the list of algo names in the L1TopoFlags
Always to be called after defineMenu()
from AthenaCommon.Logging import logging
log = logging.getLogger('L1Topo.generateMenu')
# add the algos to the menu
undefined_alg = False
for topooutput in L1TopoFlags.algos():
topooutput.algo = self.getRegisteredAlgo(topooutput.algoname)
if topooutput.algo is None:
raise RuntimeError("L1Topo algo of name '%s' is not defined in L1Topo algo definition file" % topooutput.algoname )
topooutput.sortingAlgos = self.findRegisteredSortingAlgoByOutput(topooutput.algo.inputs) += topooutput
# Copyright (C) 2002-2017 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
from sys import settrace
from .TriggerConfigL1Topo import TriggerConfigL1Topo
from l1.Lvl1Menu import Lvl1Menu
from l1.Lvl1Flags import Lvl1Flags
from AthenaCommon.Logging import logging
log = logging.getLogger("TriggerConfigLVL1")
class TriggerConfigLVL1:
current = None
def __init__(self, outputFile = None , inputFile = None , menuName = None , topoMenu = "MATCH" ):
topoMenu: MATCH means that the L1Topo menu matches the L1 menu
TriggerConfigLVL1.current = self
from TriggerJobOpts.TriggerFlags import TriggerFlags
if menuName:
TriggerFlags.triggerMenuSetup = menuName
self.menuName = TriggerFlags.triggerMenuSetup()
self.inputFile = inputFile
self.outputFile = outputFile
self.l1menuFromXML = None # flag if l1menu is read from XML file
self.menuName = menuName
# all registered items
self.registeredItems = {}
# all registered thresholds
self.registeredThresholds = {}
# get L1Topo trigger line connections
if topoMenu=="MATCH": topoMenu = self.menuName # topo menu name should match CTP menu for correct connection
self.topotriggers = self.getL1TopoTriggerLines(topoMenu)
# menu = Lvl1Menu(self.menuName)
if self.inputFile != None:
"""Read menu from XML"""
self.l1menuFromXML = True
"""Build menu from menu name"""
# defines the menu (item and threshold names)
# registers all items ever defined
## L1 Topo connection
def getL1TopoTriggerLines(self, menu):
if menu == None:
return None
if menu.endswith(".xml"):
raise RuntimeError("Can't read the topo trigger lines from xml yet")
triggerLines = None
tpcl1 = TriggerConfigL1Topo( menuName = menu )
triggerLines =
except Exception, ex:
print "Topo menu generation inside L1 menu failed, but will be ignored for the time being",ex
# restore the triggerMenuSetup for the LVL1 generation
from TriggerJobOpts.TriggerFlags import TriggerFlags
TriggerFlags.triggerMenuSetup = self.menuName
return triggerLines
## Thresholds
def registerThr(self, name, type, mapping=-1, active=1,
seed='', seed_ttype='', seed_multi=0, bcdelay=0 ):
Add LVL1 thresholds with the given type and mapping and store
it in the list of available thresholds.
The cable input information will be calculated from type and
Seed, seed_ttype, seed_multi and bcdelay are for the zero bias
trigger only.
if name in self.registeredThresholds:
log.error("LVL1 threshold of name '%s' already registered, will ignore this new registration request" % name)
return self.registeredThresholds[name]
from l1.Lvl1Thresholds import LVL1Threshold
thr = LVL1Threshold( name, type,
mapping = mapping, active = active,
seed_type = seed_ttype, seed = seed, seed_multi = seed_multi, bcdelay = bcdelay
self.registeredThresholds[name] = thr
return thr
def registerAllTopoTriggersAsThresholds(self):
Add all L1Topo triggers as allowed input to the menu
if not self.topotriggers:
from l1.Lvl1Thresholds import LVL1Threshold
for topotrigger in self.topotriggers:
thr = LVL1Threshold( topotrigger.trigger, 'TOPO', mapping = topotrigger.ordinal)
self.registeredThresholds[topotrigger.trigger] = thr
def getRegisteredThreshold(self, name):
if name in self.registeredThresholds:
return self.registeredThresholds[name]
return None
## Items
def registerItem(self, name, item):
""" Adds a LVL1 item to the set of items which are registered for further use"""
if name in self.registeredItems:
log.error('LVL1 item %s is already registered with ctpid=%d' % \
(name, int(self.registeredItems[name].ctpid)))
self.registeredItems[name] = item
def getRegisteredItem(self, name):
if name in self.registeredItems:
return self.registeredItems[name]
return None
def CTPInfo(self):
def Lvl1CaloInfo(self):
def writeXML(self):
""" Writes L1 XML file"""
log = logging.getLogger("TriggerConfigLVL1")
if self.outputFile is None:
log.warning("Can't write xml file since no name was provided")
from l1.Lvl1MenuUtil import idgen
FH = open( self.outputFile, mode="wt" )
FH.write( )
from l1.Lvl1MenuUtil import oldStyle"Wrote %s in %s" % (self.outputFile, "run 1 style" if oldStyle() else "run 2 style"))