Commit 7560834e authored by Mark Hodgkinson's avatar Mark Hodgkinson
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Set vector of clusters and weights in charged FlowElement.

parent aadb2203
......@@ -147,8 +147,19 @@ void PFChargedFlowElementCreatorAlgorithm::createChargedFlowElements(const eflow
//sort the vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies in order of subtracted energy ratio from low (most subtracted) to high (least subtracted)
std::sort(vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies.begin(),vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies.end(), [](auto const& a, auto const&b){return a.second < b.second;});
//now split this into two vectors, ready to be used by the FlowElement
std::vector<ElementLink<xAOD::IParticleContainer> > theClusters;
std::vector<float> theClusterWeights;
for (auto thePair : vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies){
ElementLink< xAOD::IParticleContainer > theIParticleTrackLink;
//Set the vector of clusters and vector of corresponding energies.
}//if we add clusters
}//loop over eflowRecTracks
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