Commit 75dc2632 authored by Scott Snyder's avatar Scott Snyder Committed by Graeme Stewart
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Fix coverity warning. (AnalysisTools-00-06-05)

	* Tagging AnalysisTools-00-06-05.
	* src/AANTEventSelector.cxx: Fix coverity warning.

	* Tagging AnalysisTools-00-06-04.
	* cmt/requirements: Fix checkreq warnings.

2014-09-09 David Quarrie <>
	* cmt/requirements
		Change to a dual_use library because the cmake version of lcgdict doesn't work with component libraries. This pollutes the linkopts for clients, but is otherwise harmless.
	* Tagged as AnalysisTools-00-06-03
parent e039ebba
......@@ -21,21 +21,19 @@ use AnalysisUtils AnalysisUtils-* PhysicsAnalysis/AnalysisCommon
use AtlasROOT AtlasROOT-* External
use AtlasPOOL AtlasPOOL-* External
use AtlasCORAL AtlasCORAL-* External
use SGTools SGTools-* Control
use PersistentDataModel PersistentDataModel-* Database
use AthenaPoolUtilities AthenaPoolUtilities-* Database/AthenaPOOL
use EventInfo EventInfo-* Event
# Checkreq says we don't need this, but we really do
# (as of AnalysisTools-00-05-06).
use RootCollection RootCollection-* Database/APR
library AthAnalysisTools *.cxx components/*.cxx
apply_pattern named_component_library library="AthAnalysisTools"
# Create a dual_use library rather than a component library because the lcgdict pattern
# within the cmake builds doesn't work with component libraries
apply_pattern dual_use_library files=*.cxx
####library AthAnalysisTools *.cxx components/*.cxx
####apply_pattern dual_use_library files=*.cxx
apply_pattern declare_joboptions files="*.py"
apply_pattern declare_python_modules files="*.py"
......@@ -198,16 +198,10 @@ StatusCode AANTEventSelector::next(IEvtSelector::Context& it, int jump) const
return this->next(it,0);
// EOF
//ct = new AANTEventContext(0);
return StatusCode::FAILURE;
// should not be here...
log << MSG::ERROR << "jumping out of evt-boundaries" << endreq;
return StatusCode::FAILURE;
// EOF
//ct = new AANTEventContext(0);
return StatusCode::FAILURE;
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