Commit 7a3d93a5 authored by Rachid Mazini's avatar Rachid Mazini
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Merge branch 'ATR20569-mc16a' into '21.0-mc16a'

Bug fix for incorrect BCID from L1Muon Endcap to MuCTPI in MC 21.0-mc16a (ATR-20569)

See merge request !39433
parents a876a4ea c9f22d9d
......@@ -621,7 +621,10 @@ void LVL1TGCTrigger::FillSectorLogicData(LVL1MUONIF::Lvl1MuSectorLogicData *slda
int Zdir= (subsystem==LVL1MUONIF::Lvl1MuCTPIInput::idSideA() ? 1 : -1);
sldata->clear2candidatesInSector();// for temporary
const int muctpiBcId_offset = TgcDigit::BC_CURRENT;
sldata->bcid(m_bctagInProcess - muctpiBcId_offset);
if ((selectorOut->getNCandidate()) >= 1) {
// ovl --> veto
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