Commit 7b4b34dd authored by William Axel Leight's avatar William Axel Leight Committed by Graeme Stewart
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No more MuGirl segment-tagged muons from tracklets (MuGirl-00-03-11)

	* No more segment-tagged MuGirl muons from tracklets
	* Tagging as MuGirl-00-03-11
parent 5250f613
......@@ -390,6 +390,8 @@ bool MuGirlRecoTool::RunFromID(MuGirlNS::CandidateSummaryList& summaryList)
if (m_doANNSelection) ANNaccept = generateMuGirl(*summary);
if(pParticle->pInDetCandidate->isSiliconAssociated()) summary->isSiliconAssociated=true;
const Trk::Track* RefittedTrack = NULL;
if ((m_doANNSelection && ANNaccept) || !(m_doANNSelection)) {
......@@ -530,7 +532,10 @@ bool MuGirlRecoTool::RunFromID(MuGirlNS::CandidateSummaryList& summaryList)
ATH_MSG_DEBUG("RunFromID: delivering the muon pTrkRefitted track to the MuGirl tag");
std::vector<const Muon::MuonSegment*> muonSegmentList = summary->muonSegmentList;
MuonCombined::MuGirlTag* tag = 0;
if (summary->pTrkRefitted == NULL) tag = new MuonCombined::MuGirlTag(muonSegmentList);
if (summary->pTrkRefitted == NULL){
if(summary->isSiliconAssociated) continue;
tag = new MuonCombined::MuGirlTag(muonSegmentList);
else tag = new MuonCombined::MuGirlTag(summary->pTrkRefitted, muonSegmentList);
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