Commit 7b701267 authored by Jochen Meyer's avatar Jochen Meyer Committed by Graeme Stewart
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addressing coverity defect (MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-06)

	* addressing coverity defect 17636
	* Tagging as MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-06
parent ed98465c
......@@ -170,6 +170,10 @@ MuonMeanMDTdADCFillerTool::meanMDTdADCFiller (const Trk::Track& track) const
// int statnam = fid.stationName();
if(fid.is_mdt()) {
const Muon::MdtDriftCircleOnTrack *mdtcirc = dynamic_cast<const Muon::MdtDriftCircleOnTrack *>(measurement);
if(mdtcirc == NULL) {
ATH_MSG_WARNING("cannot cast Trk::MeasurementBase to Muon::MdtDriftCircleOnTrack");
const Muon::MdtPrepData *rawdata = mdtcirc->prepRawData();
if(rawdata) {
// Calculate deltaADC as difference of number of ADC counts for given hit and datfit(Rdrift),
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