Commit 8917aaa5 authored by Helena Santos's avatar Helena Santos Committed by Graeme Stewart
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Create a switch to work under p+Pb Run conditions (JetMonitoring-01-00-43)

	* Change in to work under doHIP mode (p+Pb 2016 Run)
	* tag as JetMonitoring-01-00-43
parent 87631ebf
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ jetMonMan = AthenaMonManager( "JetMonManager",
DataType = DQMonFlags.monManDataType() )
topSequence += jetMonMan
if rec.doHeavyIon:
if rec.doHeavyIon or rec.doHIP:
from JetMonitoring.HIJetMonitoringHistos import athenaMonitoringTools
from JetMonitoring.JetMonitoringHistos import athenaMonitoringTools
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