Commit 8ee42d2d authored by Peter Berta's avatar Peter Berta
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Merge branch 'TM_ATR-22546v1' into '21.0-mc16a'

ATR-22546 - add a chain to MC16a

See merge request !40349
parents 733a1be5 ff07c579
......@@ -104,9 +104,3 @@ if hasattr(svcMgr,'THistSvc'):
#from AthenaCommon.AlgSequence import AlgSequence
print AlgSequence
print ServiceMgr
# Tempory - 24/05/17 # this can be later removed
if not hasattr(svcMgr.ToolSvc,"TileROD_Decoder"):
from TileByteStream.TileByteStreamConf import TileROD_Decoder
......@@ -1135,6 +1135,10 @@ def setupMenu():
#ATR-15233 ['e24_lhtight_nod0_ringer_ivarloose', 'L1_EM20VHI', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
#ATR-15233 ['e24_lhtight_cutd0dphideta_iloose', 'L1_EM20VHI', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
['e17_lhmedium_nod0_L1EM15HI', 'L1_EM15HI', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
['e24_lhmedium_iloose_L1EM18VH', 'L1_EM18VH', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
['e24_lhmedium_nod0_iloose_L1EM18VH', 'L1_EM18VH', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
['e24_lhmedium_ivarloose_L1EM18VH', 'L1_EM18VH', [], [PhysicsStream], ['RATE:SingleElectron', 'BW:Egamma'],-1],
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