Commit 93d63525 authored by Zach Marshall's avatar Zach Marshall Committed by Graeme Stewart
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Updating to 2.1.4_p9 with several bugfixes and patches (AlpGen-00-00-08)

parent 714af13e
package AlpGen
author Zach Marshall <>
use ExternalPolicy ExternalPolicy-* External
# Adapt standard macros for export
macro AlpGen_home "${SITEROOT}/atlas/offline/external/alpgen" \
BNL "${SITEROOT}/cernsw/alpgen" \
LBNL "${SITEROOT}/sw/alpgen" \
EXTSITE "${SITEROOT}/alpgen" \
macro AlpGen_version "v2.1.4_p9"
set ALPGENPATH "$(AlpGen_home)/$(AlpGen_version)"
macro AlpGen_export_paths "$(AlpGen_home)/$(AlpGen_version)"
# For inclusion once this is pure 17 series
#apply_pattern install_external_home
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