Commit 9ec158f5 authored by Tomasz Bold's avatar Tomasz Bold
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Trigger: Use PS emulation tool in the Calibration tests

parent d3f53149
......@@ -120,10 +120,14 @@ def make_l1_seq():
ctpUnpacker = CTPUnpackingTool(ForceEnableAllChains=True)
# Can add other tools here if needed
from L1Decoder.L1DecoderConf import PrescalingEmulationTool
psEmulation = PrescalingEmulationTool()
# Schedule the L1Decoder algo with the above tools
from L1Decoder.L1DecoderConf import L1Decoder
l1decoder = L1Decoder()
l1decoder.ctpUnpacker = ctpUnpacker
l1decoder.prescaler = psEmulation
from AthenaCommon.CFElements import seqOR
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