Commit a2f2f964 authored by scott snyder's avatar scott snyder Committed by scott snyder
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DerivationFrameworkSUSY: Update GenericTruthThinning for MT thinning.

Convert GenericTruthThinning to use MT-compatible thinning.
Update uses of it (pass stream name rather than thinning service).
parent 7bcd7e03
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ if DerivationFrameworkIsMonteCarlo:
from DerivationFrameworkMCTruth.DerivationFrameworkMCTruthConf import DerivationFramework__GenericTruthThinning
SUSY11TruthThinningTool = DerivationFramework__GenericTruthThinning(
name = "SUSY11TruthThinningTool",
ThinningService = SUSY11ThinningHelper.ThinningSvc(),
StreamName = streamName,
ParticleSelectionString = truth_cond_Lepton,
PreserveDescendants = True,
PreserveGeneratorDescendants = False,
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