Commit a8644c3d authored by Walter Lampl's avatar Walter Lampl
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Merge branch 'cherry-pick-0607ec03-master' into 'master'

Sweeping !30363 from 21.0 to master.
Use collisions instead of HI DQ config for tests

See merge request !30499
parents f07cc4b4 062fec5b
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ else:
print ("DataQualityConfigurations data directory not found, using $PWD instead.")
print ("Looking for collisions_*.hcfg files in %s" % (hcfg_dir))
dqconfig.hcfg = "%s/heavyions_run.hcfg" % (hcfg_dir)
dqconfig.hcfg = "%s/collisions_run.hcfg" % (hcfg_dir)
dqconfig.hcfg_min10 = "%s/collisions_minutes10.hcfg" % (hcfg_dir)
dqconfig.hcfg_min30 = "%s/collisions_minutes30.hcfg" % (hcfg_dir)
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