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Add collection of subtracted cluster energies.

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//eflowRec includes
#include "eflowRec/PFChargedFlowElementCreatorAlgorithm.h"
#include "eflowRec/eflowRecCluster.h"
#include "eflowRec/eflowRecTrack.h"
#include "eflowRec/eflowTrackClusterLink.h"
//EDM includes
#include "xAODBase/IParticleContainer.h"
#include "xAODCaloEvent/CaloClusterContainer.h"
#include "xAODPFlow/FlowElementAuxContainer.h"
#include "xAODPFlow/PFODefs.h"
#include "xAODCore/AuxStoreAccessorMacros.h"
......@@ -99,6 +102,54 @@ void PFChargedFlowElementCreatorAlgorithm::createChargedFlowElements(const eflow
/* Set the 4-vector of the xAOD::PFO */
thisFE->setP4(efRecTrack->getTrack()->pt(), etaPhi.first, etaPhi.second, efRecTrack->getTrack()->m());
ATH_MSG_DEBUG("Created charged PFO with E, pt, eta and phi of " << thisFE->e() << ", " << thisFE->pt() << ", " << thisFE->eta() << " and " << thisFE->phi());
/* Add the amount of energy the track was expected to deposit in the calorimeter - this is needed to calculate the charged weight in the jet finding */
const SG::AuxElement::Accessor<float> accTracksExpectedEnergyDeposit("eflowRec_tracksExpectedEnergyDeposit");
accTracksExpectedEnergyDeposit(*thisFE) = efRecTrack->getEExpect();
ATH_MSG_DEBUG("Have set that PFO's expected energy deposit to be " << efRecTrack->getEExpect());
/* Flag if this track was in a dense environment for later checking */
//There is an issue using bools - when written to disk they convert to chars. So lets store the bool as an int.
const SG::AuxElement::Accessor<int> accIsInDenseEnvironment("eflowRec_isInDenseEnvironment");
accIsInDenseEnvironment(*thisFE) = efRecTrack->isInDenseEnvironment();
/* Optionally we add the links to clusters to the xAOD::PFO */
if (true == addClusters){
std::vector<std::pair<eflowTrackClusterLink*,float> > trackClusterLinkPairs = energyFlowCaloObject.efRecLink();
std::vector<eflowTrackClusterLink*> thisTracks_trackClusterLinks = efRecTrack->getClusterMatches();
/** Each eflowCaloObject has a list of clusters for all the tracks it represents.
* We only want the subset of the clusters matched to this track, and collect these in thisTracks_trackClusterLinksSubtracted.
std::vector<eflowTrackClusterLink*> thisTracks_trackClusterLinksSubtracted;
//Create vector of pairs which map each CaloCluster to the ratio of its new energy to unstracted energy
std::vector<std::pair<ElementLink<xAOD::CaloClusterContainer>, double> > vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies;
for (auto trackClusterLink : thisTracks_trackClusterLinks){
for (auto trackClusterLinkPair : trackClusterLinkPairs){
if (!m_eOverPMode && trackClusterLinkPair.first == trackClusterLink && !std::isnan(trackClusterLinkPair.second)) {
eflowRecCluster* efRecCluster = trackClusterLinkPair.first->getCluster();
ElementLink<xAOD::CaloClusterContainer> theOriginalClusterLink = efRecCluster->getOriginalClusElementLink();
ElementLink<xAOD::CaloClusterContainer> theSisterClusterLink = (*theOriginalClusterLink)->getSisterClusterLink();
if (theSisterClusterLink.isValid()) vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies.push_back(std::pair(theSisterClusterLink,trackClusterLinkPair.second));
else vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies.push_back(std::pair(theOriginalClusterLink,trackClusterLinkPair.second));
else if (m_eOverPMode) thisTracks_trackClusterLinksSubtracted.push_back(trackClusterLink);
//sort the vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies in order of subtracted energy ratio from low (most subtracted) to high (least subtracted)
std::sort(vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies.begin(),vectorClusterToSubtractedEnergies.end(), [](auto const& a, auto const&b){return a.second < b.second;});
//now split this into two vectors, ready to be used by the FlowElement
}//loop over eflowRecTracks
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