Commit b1141db2 authored by Frank Winklmeier's avatar Frank Winklmeier
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Merge branch 'cmake.MuonSegmentMakerInterfaces-20200701' into 'master'

MuonSegmentMakerInterfaces+MuonSegmentMakerToolInterfaces: cmake fixes

See merge request !34370
parents c286b16d 6896d1e7
......@@ -9,6 +9,9 @@ atlas_subdir( MuonSegmentMakerInterfaces )
atlas_depends_on_subdirs( PUBLIC
GaudiKernel )
# Install files from the package:
atlas_install_headers( MuonSegmentMakerInterfaces )
atlas_add_library( MuonSegmentMakerInterfacesLib
PUBLIC_HEADERS MuonSegmentMakerInterfaces
LINK_LIBRARIES AthenaKernel GaudiKernel )
......@@ -22,6 +22,9 @@ atlas_depends_on_subdirs( PUBLIC
# External dependencies:
find_package( Eigen )
# Install files from the package:
atlas_install_headers( MuonSegmentMakerToolInterfaces )
atlas_add_library( MuonSegmentMakerToolInterfaces
PUBLIC_HEADERS MuonSegmentMakerToolInterfaces
LINK_LIBRARIES GaudiKernel MuonPrepRawData TrkTruthData MuonRIO_OnTrack TrkSegment MuonPattern MuonSegment MuonLayerEvent MuonRecToolInterfaces Identifier MuonEDM_AssociationObjects GeoPrimitives EventPrimitives )
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