Commit b1650b57 authored by Jiří Mašík's avatar Jiří Mašík
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remove a comment

parent d4bce36c
......@@ -90,7 +90,6 @@ class PixelClustering_EF( InDet__Pixel_TrgClusterization ):
self.gangedAmbiguitiesFinder = InDetTrigPixelGangedAmbiguitiesFinder
self.Pixel_RDOContainerName = EF_PixRDOKey
self.skipBSDecoding = not TriggerFlags.doTransientByteStream()
#self.OutputLevel=1 #VERBOSE
from InDetTrigRecExample.InDetTrigSliceSettings import InDetTrigSliceSettings
self.EtaHalfWidth = InDetTrigSliceSettings[('etaHalfWidth',type)]
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