Commit b1832f78 authored by Tomas Dado's avatar Tomas Dado
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AnalysisTop: add new shower types to the check when submitting to the grid

parent 8663b9e9
......@@ -468,7 +468,7 @@ def checkForShowerAlgorithm(Samples, cutfile):
dsid = sample.split('.')[1]
dsid = int(dsid)
hasShower = tdp.getShower(dsid) in ['sherpa','sherpa21','pythia','pythia8','herwigpp','amcatnlopythia8', 'herwigpp713', 'sherpa228']
hasShower = tdp.getShower(dsid) in ['sherpa','sherpa21','pythia','pythia8','herwigpp','amcatnlopythia8', 'herwigpp713', 'sherpa228', 'sherpa2210', 'herwigpp721']
#print hasShower," ",sample
if not tdp.hasID(dsid) or not hasShower:
noShowerDatasets += [dsid]
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