Commit b91c0288 authored by Antoine Marzin's avatar Antoine Marzin Committed by Graeme Stewart
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Fix direct TIPs loading in MenuLoader.cxx (TrigConfStorage-03-01-24)

	* Fix TIPs loading in MenuLoader.cxx: isDirect is now set to true for direct input
	* TrigConfStorage-03-01-24

Former-commit-id: 9fc85c3d
parent c3de3820
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ TrigConf::MenuLoader::loadThresholds(TrigConf::Menu& menu) {
if( menu.pitVector().size() == menu.tipVector().size() ) {
// this is the case when we
// a) have either no direct inputs in the menu (unlikely, but then the next call doesn't matter), or
// b) the direct inputs were not filled in the TIP map (which is the case until we switch that feature on in the TriggerTool)
// b) the direct inputs were not filled in the TIP map: this is not the case since TriggerTool-04-01-06
......@@ -513,7 +513,8 @@ TrigConf::MenuLoader::loadPIT(TrigConf::Menu& menu) {
if(slot==10) tip->setIsDirect(true);
else tip->setIsDirect(false);
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