Commit bad810c9 authored by Sergi Rodriguez Bosca's avatar Sergi Rodriguez Bosca
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Adding the jFEX Tau Trigger menu threshold

parent 2e0881a8
......@@ -733,16 +733,11 @@ uint32_t jFEXFPGA::formTauTOB(int & iphi, int &ieta )
ATH_MSG_DEBUG("tobword tau with eta, phi, et, iso and sat : " << std::bitset<32>(tobWord) );
//arbitary et threshold to not overflow the TOBs
/***************** NEEDS TO BE IMPLEMENTED IN THE FUTURE (JIRA TICKED OPENED) *****************/
// Retrieve the L1 menu configuration
//SG::ReadHandle<TrigConf::L1Menu> l1Menu (m_l1MenuKey/*, ctx*/);
//auto & thr_jTAU = l1Menu->thrExtraInfo().jTAU();
//unsigned int minEtThreshold = thr_jTAU.ptMinToTopo()/jFEXETResolution;
SG::ReadHandle<TrigConf::L1Menu> l1Menu (m_l1MenuKey/*, ctx*/);
auto & thr_jTAU = l1Menu->thrExtraInfo().jTAU();
unsigned int minEtThreshold = thr_jTAU.ptMinToTopoMeV()/jFEXETResolution;
//arbitary et threshold to not overflow the TOBs
unsigned int minEtThreshold = 100;
if (et < minEtThreshold) return 0;
else return tobWord;
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