Commit baddf259 authored by Walter Lampl's avatar Walter Lampl
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Merge branch 'remove_leftover_files' into 'master'

Remove left over files

See merge request !30488
parents c8bf0642 aeaea58e
#!/usr/bin/env sh
<<<<<<< HEAD
athena --threads=1 --skipEvents=10 --evtMax=20 --filesInput="/cvmfs/" TriggerMenuMT/
||||||| merged common ancestors
athena -l DEBUG --threads=1 --skipEvents=10 --evtMax=20 --filesInput="/cvmfs/" TriggerMenuMT/
athena -l INFO --threads=1 --skipEvents=10 --evtMax=20 --filesInput="/cvmfs/" TriggerMenuMT/
>>>>>>> 2f9342f4413871348f63c9cb4ccbdf814f52ccb1
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