Commit c758ed95 authored by Oleg Kuprash's avatar Oleg Kuprash
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Add MathMore dependency, needed for the CTP release

Former-commit-id: 1e2ae3cb
parent 004f34f7
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ atlas_depends_on_subdirs( PUBLIC
find_package( Boost COMPONENTS filesystem thread system )
find_package( COOL COMPONENTS CoolKernel CoolApplication )
find_package( CORAL COMPONENTS CoralBase CoralKernel RelationalAccess )
find_package( ROOT COMPONENTS Core Tree MathCore Hist RIO pthread )
find_package( ROOT COMPONENTS Core Tree MathCore MathMore Hist RIO pthread )
find_package( tdaq-common )
# tag NEEDS_CORAL_BASE was not recognized in automatic conversion in cmt2cmake
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