Commit c82f2644 authored by Walter Lampl's avatar Walter Lampl
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Merge branch 'mhodgkin_ATR20919' into 'master'

Bug fix for ATR-20919 to avoid FPE.

See merge request !34428
parents c3921aa7 fc4465a7
......@@ -197,6 +197,10 @@ void eflowLayerIntegrator::measureCluster(const xAOD::CaloCluster* clus, const e
void eflowLayerIntegrator::measureCell(const CaloCell* cell, const eflowTrackCaloPoints& trackCalo) {
const CaloDetDescrElement* caloDetDescrElement = cell->caloDDE();
if (!caloDetDescrElement) return;
//very rarely a calorimeter cell has zero volume - in such cases one cannot calculate an energy fensity.
//This is expected to happen for certain cells, for example presampler barrel or some tile gap cells.
//See for discussion of this bug.
if ( caloDetDescrElement->volume() < 1e-6 ) return;
eflowCaloENUM layer = eflowCalo::translateSampl(caloDetDescrElement->getSampling());
if (eflowCalo::Unknown == layer) { return; }
......@@ -220,7 +224,6 @@ void eflowLayerIntegrator::measureCell(const CaloCell* cell, const eflowTrackCal
eflowRange etaRange(dEta - etaWidth/2.0, dEta + etaWidth/2.0);
eflowRange phiRange(dPhi - phiWidth/2.0, dPhi+phiWidth/2.0);
// const double weight = m_integrator->integrate(etaRange, phiRange);
const double weight = m_integratorLookup->integrate(etaRange, phiRange);
m_singleClusterIntegral[layer] += weight * cell->energy() / caloDetDescrElement->volume();
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