Commit cc5960e2 authored by Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska
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Merge branch '21.6-new-ver' into '21.6'

add AMPT generator

See merge request atlas/athena!29653
parents a0aeaea5 69d0c08e
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ mainGenerators += ["Exhume", "Phojet", "Epos", "QGSJet"]
mainGenerators += ["ParticleGenerator", "ParticleGun"]
mainGenerators += ["CosmicGenerator", "BeamHaloGenerator"]
## Heavy ion generators
mainGenerators += ["Superchic","Starlight", "Hijing", "Hydjet", "Reldis", "Pyquen"]
mainGenerators += ["AMPT","Superchic","Starlight", "Hijing", "Hydjet", "Reldis", "Pyquen"]
## Misc generators
mainGenerators += ["AcerMC", "TopRex", "LPair"]
## Reading in fully-formed events
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