Commit d100efdc authored by Daniel Hayden's avatar Daniel Hayden Committed by Graeme Stewart
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Special W/Z PDF RW Tag (Powheg-00-00-12)

15-10-14 Daniel Hayden <>
	* Updated Special release based on r2330.3, linking to LHAPDF6 instead of LHAPDF5.  Named 2330.5.
	* Tagged Powheg-00-00-11

16-10-14 Daniel Hayden <>
	* Updated Start of Scheme where tags with 00-00-XX will be all V1, 00-01-XX will be all V2, and 00-02-XX will be the ATLAS Powheg Release (mix of V1 and V2). This tag introduces first purely V2 based install.
	* Tagged Powheg-00-01-00

24-10-14 Daniel Hayden <>
	* Updated First official tag of combined V1&V2 External/Powheg Release.
	* Tagged Powheg-00-02-00

17-12-14 Daniel Hayden <>
	* Updated Special release based on r2330.4, adding PDF reweighting to W and Z processes.
	* Tagged Powheg-00-00-12
parent fe548294
......@@ -10,12 +10,12 @@ macro Powheg_home "${SITEROOT}/atlas/offline/external/powhegbox" \
EXTSITE "${SITEROOT}/powhegbox" \
macro Powheg_native_version "ATLASOTF-00-00-01"
macro Powheg_native_version "r2330.4"
macro Powheg_dir "${Powheg_home}/${Powheg_native_version}"
macro Powheg_dir "${Powheg_home}/${Powheg_native_version}/POWHEG-BOX"
set POWHEGPATH "$(Powheg_dir)/POWHEG-BOX"
set POWHEGPATH "$(Powheg_dir)"
macro Powheg_export_paths "$(Powheg_dir)"
apply_pattern install_external_home
\ No newline at end of file
apply_pattern install_external_home
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